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The Pink Elephant, LLC was founded in May 2015. Our goal here at THE PINK ELEPHANT is to help women feel beautiful and confident when in our accessories & jewelry. We pride ourselves on quality, unique pieces of jewelry. Our fashion accessories are hand-picked to bring the most COLORFUL, BOLD, and UNIQUE pieces.  The Pink Elephant is an online boutique that sales Fashion Accessories and T-shirts. I want to help women feel confident, beautiful, and simply amazing in our fashion accessories. The Pink Elephant offers jewelry and fundraising parties. Our Parties are a way to bring women together to relax and have a good time while shopping in a stress free environment.

The Pink Elephant meaning: In many African cultures the African elephant represents a symbol of STRENGTH and POWER. Women share the same qualities as elephants. They are intelligent, strong, and wise. Pink represents the love for yourself and its GLAMOROUS.


Hello Queens,

My name is Valerie, I am the Founder and CEO of The Pink Elephant, LLC. I founded The Pink Elephant May 2015. While in college I was looking for different ways to make money. I decided on becoming a sales representative for a cosmetic company. This company was supposed to support women empowerment and unity. The only problem was none of the models or women in the flyer looked like me. I also, noticed that the women who made the most money and were invited to attend trips really put in a lot of work. I started to think why dedicate myself to someone else’s dream when I can build my own. I have always loved fashion jewelry and the way I would feel in a beautiful piece of jewelry. I want to give every woman that same experience.




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