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Favorite pieces

Valerie Cook

Of course in life we have some things that we always tend to just opt for. Some of us always opt for the nude lip gloss and some of always go for white nails no matter the season. Here at Pink Elephant we also feel the same way about our pieces. Yes, you can style the pieces how you want, but we have a few that are our favorites based on the style they bring.

Our first pick is the gold statement chain necklace. We like this one because it gives an old hip hop feel and it goes with everything.

The second pick would be the elegant collar necklace. It gives a very glamorous look. I really love the collar cut as well.

but not least is the floral clustered necklace. I really like this one because it gives a garden feel with the flowers and butterflies.

Hope you all enjoy these pieces and take a look at more of our pieces at





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